Lena Dunham Reveals She’s six Months Sober Right after ‘Misusing’ the Anti-Stress Drug Klonopin

Lena Dunham claims she’s 6 months sober right after quitting the anti-anxiousness treatment Klonopin.

The actress opened up about her selection to get sober through an overall look on Dax Shepard‘s podcast Armchair Professional.

“I’ve been sober for 6 months,” she stated. “My specific enthusiasm was Klonopin.”

Dunham, 32, stated she started off having the treatment right after her anxiousness grew to become so rigorous that it held her back again from each day pursuits and hindered her function.

“I was obtaining mad anxiousness and obtaining to present up for points that I did not truly feel geared up to present up for,” she spelled out. “But I know I need to have to do it, and when I get a Klonopin, I can do it.”

She stated the drug created her “feel like the particular person I was intended to be.”

“It was like quickly I felt like the aspect of me that I understood was there was freed up to do her matter,” she ongoing.

Klonopin is a form of Benzodiazepine applied to deal with signs and symptoms of anxiousness, worry issues and seizures.


About the yrs, Dunham stated she started off having Klonopin most commonly. “It stopped staying ‘I get just one when I fly,’ to ‘I get just one when I’m awake.’ ”

“I did not have any issues acquiring a medical doctor to convey to me, ‘No you have severe anxiousness difficulties, you need to be having this. This is how you need to be current,’ ” she stated.

She stated she experienced greater her dosage right after staying identified with publish-traumatic anxiety problem.

“I was identified with rather severe PTSD. I have a number of sexual traumas in my earlier and then I experienced all these surgical procedures and then I experienced my hysterectomy right after a period of time of actually excessive soreness,” she stated. “It stopped sensation like I experienced worry assaults and it started off sensation like I was a residing worry assault. The only matter that was noteworthy was the areas of the working day in which I did not truly feel like I was likely to barf and faint.”


Dunham stated that whilst she understood the Klonopin she was having was not generating her truly feel far better, she was afraid of what likely off the drug would truly feel like.

“If I glance back again, there had been a stable a few yrs in which I was, to set it frivolously, misusing benzos, even even though it was all estimate unquote medical doctor recommended,” she stated.

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She stated that whilst she’s experienced her “fair share of opioid experiences” because of to her wellbeing difficulties, she did not comprehend the just how challenging quitting would be.

“Nobody I know who are recommended these prescription drugs is advised, ‘By the way, when you consider and get off this, it is likely to be like the most hellacious acid journey you have at any time experienced in which you are f—– clutching the partitions and the hair is blowing off your head and you cannot feel you observed oneself in this condition,’ ” she stated. “Now the literal scent of the within of capsule bottles tends to make me want to toss up.”

6 months afterwards, Dunham stated she is however acquiring applied to her new typical.

“I however truly feel like my mind is recalibrating by itself to practical experience anxiousness,” she spelled out. “I just truly feel actually on my knees grateful each working day.”

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